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Embrace the local and the familiar in UNIQLO's Fall / Winter 2021 Collection

New LifeWear Collection turns the focus back on neighbourhood living, where we find comfort in the community, and where new connections are made

UNIQLO's new 2021 Fall / Winter collection invites us to go back and embrace the local and the familiar, and is titled "Neighbourhood Living".

Oversized t-shirts and high rise jeans are back in fashion. At least that's what UNIQLO's newest collection is hinting at.

Offering many genderless designs, the collection also features new additions to UNIQLO U, with a kids' line-up that has perfectly balanced designs, something that would no doubt interest young parents looking to twin their outfits with their children!

Some of the new designs from the children's range of UNIQLO's new 2021 Fall / Winter collection under Uniqlo U, a sublime wardrobe for luxuriant everyday life.

Dropping in stores and online from early September, the new UNIQLO's Fall / Winter 2021 season concept is titled "Neighbourhood Living", and invites everyone to explore and appreciate the places around us, centered on the connections we build in places where we are free to be ourselves.

Wearing the loungewear range of the upcoming UNIQLO's 2021 Fall/Winter collection, featuring the Men's AIRism Cotton Set Short Sleeve.

Balancing simplicity and comfort with style and utility, the new collection offers both more dressy options for those of us who are now returning to work in office, as well as its signature casual wear with a beautiful array of accessible, well-made basics to choose from.

Some earthy colours from the "Need for Nature" vertical of UNIQLO's 2021 Fall/Winter collection, coming soon.

On embracing our new lifestyles and keeping our identity

"Casual or dressy, what matters most is staying true to yourself. Discovering yourself is easy with a beautiful array of accessible, well-made basics to choose from."

The LifeWear Fall / Winter 2021 collection is centred on four key areas:

1. Freedom in Motion

Natural fabrics that feel great, functional fabrics offering warmth and ease of movement, and casual apparel that makes it easy to dress up or down.

Exploring the Tiong Bahru estate, the quintessential heartland of Singapore.

2. Need for Nature

Utility wear that is perfect for hiking, camping, and other outdoor ventures with comfortable fabrics that allow you to move around when the weather or temperature suddenly changes.

3. Curated City Living

Innovative designs and functionality so people can look comfortable and neat even when busy working or doing household chores. Wardrobe items that are free of excessive designs and embellisments to complement comfortable and positive urban living.

4. Rest and Recharge

Perfect for working and exercising from home, this range of apparel helps you to remain comfortable and relax, and includes bedding that is enhanced for better sleep so as to recharge and look your best. Features UNIQLO's iconic AIRism technology - from cotton pajamas set straight through to bedding.

While my post is more focused on the male or gender neutral range of clothing, ladies will want to keep a lookout for the special collaboration between UNIQLO and INES DE LA FRESSANGE as well.

The collection is inspired by Rossiniere, a small village in Switzerland beloved by artists for its beautiful mountain scenery - and features a cosy line-up of items that radiate nostalgia and warmth.

You will be able to get a sneak peek of some of these from my Instagram Story Highlights on @thejohnyeong, captured during my attendance of the media preview event at Tiong Bahru.


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