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Mission: 2021K

Setting myself a running target of 2,021KM for 2021 in support of my New Year's Resolution for greater consistency this year

So late last year I had a lunch time catch up at Vivo City with an old friend of mine, who told me he had set himself a target of running 2,020km for the year - he derived that from the number of the year.

Maybe that was what planted that seed of a thought in my mind when I went about setting myself a running goal for 2021 early this week, because the number 2,021 km immediately came to mind.

Having done some quick math shortly after, I found out I would need to clock an average of approximately 39KM a week for the whole year, and I won't lie - it did seem like a tall ask given the current climate and the fact that I am not entirely certain my new work hours would afford me this kind of luxury of running that much a week.

Neither do I have plans to ever transition into becoming an ultra endurance athlete. But all these seemed like excuses, and I told myself: "if you never try, you'll never ever know."

While I have been an avid runner in recent years, I have never set any personal targets for myself mileage wise - which has resulted in inconsistencies and a lack of discipline on my overall running experience over an extended period of time.

And while I have still yet to fully grapple with the exact kind of work hours I would need to deal with in 2021, as well as my overall fitness goals which have yet to be fully defined - pending inputs from a couple of fitness instructors who are my friends, I decided I would challenge myself by putting this down as a target.

Even if I don't hit the target by year end, it would have helped me achieve my aim of becoming more consistent than I was before.

Game for a challenge

While I have still yet to grapple with the exact kind of work hours I would need to deal with in 2021, I decided I would challenge myself by putting this down as a target.

I did afterall, set myself a New Year's Resolution of being more consistent by showing up for myself across all fronts: work life, personal relationships and fitness goals. And there is no better way to force consistency by setting a target that can only be reached by year end.

Accountability and support from the Running Community

As a means to hold myself accountable and to push myself to do this on a more regular basis, I am planning to continue my participation in running events, and to also have a weekly group running session: most likely with Under Armour's Superhero Runners.

I also hope to clock my first real trail run soon - as I've mostly been a road runner and found out that mixing up my running routine with trail runs can actually be better for my knees as trail runs takes lesser toll where impact is concerned.

For those of you who have already been following me on my instragram account @thejohnyeong , be prepared for more running IG stories and posts as they won't be disappearing any time soon!

I am also keeping an open mind with regard to running content ideas, and would be more than happy to work with other runners in the running community to create some fun, quirky or useful content that would benefit the rest of the running community here - on other platforms such as TikTok as well.

So here we go, Mission 2,021K. Here's hoping I hit the 2,021KM target I set myself by the end of 31 December 2021. Wish me luck!

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