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Stylish Yet Affordable Shades for Athletes

From running and working out to everyday streetwear, things just got a whole lot cooler with Sunday Shades Co.

Wearing the Frosted Red - Nebula Classic range from Sunday Shades Co. on one of my runs at Labrador Park, Singapore.

I recently had the good fortune of chatting with Kenneth Tan, co-founder of Sunday Shades Co., over a cup of coffee at Starbucks. We had been linked up a week earlier by Natalie Dau, a dear friend of mine who shares my passion for running, sports and fitness.

"You've got to try a pair of these," Nat shared at our run with Superhero Runners on a Tuesday. "You will love them. Let me link you up."

True to her word as always, a little over a week later I was seated at a Starbucks with Sunday Shades Co.'s co-founders discussing the possibility of coming on board as a brand ambassador.

Trying out my first pair of shades while on a weekend trail run with Superhero Runners Sebastian Cheong (front), Jerlynn Goh (centre), and Nelson Wong (behind).

Becoming a Sunday Shades Co. brand ambassador

To ensure authenticity as I want to retain the credibility of my word as always, we agreed to letting me try out a pair of the shades on my next trail run before I gave my answer. It didn't take me long to say yes.

I found out that Kenneth and his wife arrived at the birth of their business from a pain point on one of their holiday ski trips in Queenstown, New Zealand.

There they needed a pair of polarised shades to reduce the glare reflected off the snow, but found that an affordable pair was hard to come by.

Wearing the Carbon Matte - Daylight Classic shades from Sunday Shades Co., at one of my runs at Southern Ridges towards Mount Faber.

Key features of Sunday Shades

They subsequently worked out what key features they were actually willing to pay for and narrowed it down to what are today Sunday Shades Co.'s key features of their shades:

No Bounce, Asian Fit, Full UV Protection, Light Weight and Durable

Wearing the Lucid Ice Blue Classic shades by Sunday Shades Co. by the pool, perfect for the beach or for water sports.

Good for Running, Jury is still out for other Sports

"We agreed to letting me try out a pair of the shades on my next trail run before I gave my answer. It didn't take me long to say yes."

At the time of writing, I have worn up to four pairs of Sunday Shades' sunnies, for a total of seven runs from trail runs at MacRitchie Reservoir to road running including grass and hilly terrain, and I am confident to say it is a good fit, very comfortable, and definitely no bounce / anti-slip, true to the words of the company.

John Yeong Sunday Shades Co.

Sunday Shades Co. delivers a wide range of shades for workouts, all of which are ultra light, 100% UV protection and are polarized. Perfect for running or a day out with friends and family at the beach.

I have yet to try them for water sports, which I intend to do so in the months ahead when time permits, although I reckon they should definitely work well for leisure athletes at least.

I did have a chat with some close friends from the beach volleyball fraternity who are national athletes though, who gave differing views of the shades, as the sport does involve a significant amount of diving around - so the jury is still out for that one!

If you are interested in getting yourself a pair of Sunday Shades, you can shop online directly from their store here .


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