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Under Armour Move Together Virtual Relay

This is not a race, there are no prizes for finishing first. Be part of a movement unlike any other and move together with runners from Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand to break through physical boundaries and end 2020 on a high.

No, this isn’t a race against time. It’s a story of the resilience of the human race.


When we look back on 2020, we will tell future generations of how we picked ourselves up.

From a pandemic, social unrest, psychological, emotional, and physical separation which threatened to tear us apart.


But no we didn’t give up. We made a stand. To move together as one. Because the only way to overcome tough times is through.

Come and make a stand

No, this isn't a race against time. It's a story of the resilience of the human race.

Come make a stand with me and other runners from Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand in the Move Together Virtual Relay, as we encourage and motivate each other in this three-nation effort to run with one heart and mind.


5KM or 10KM. Indoors or outdoors you decide.

UA Move Together Virtual Relay Run Finisher Tees ready for collection


Runners who have finished their participation can now collect their finisher tees at Under Armour Store at Funan Centre. For those who are still keen to join, you may continue to do so until 30 December 2020.

Shared Goal: 1,935KM (distance from Singapore to Bangkok.

Clock in Period: 15 NOV - 31 DEC 2020




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