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10 Tips to start running again: feat. UA Flow Velociti SE Running Shoes

If you are not enjoying running, there is a good chance you have unspoken expectations of yourself and how you need to perform

The UA Flow Velociti SE is an upgrade of the UA Flow Velociti Wind that was released in early 2021, the difference being that the former is lighter, grippier and more explosive.

I am not an elite runner, although I have represented my schools for competitions while growing up.

Ever since I retired from competitive football in recent years, I have come to appreciate and enjoy running for what it offers both as a workout as well as an avenue to medidate and disconnect from the world.

Having once hated running as well, I can fully understand it when someone tells me that they "hate running" or that running just "isn't their thing".

Yet, I can't help but wonder about the reasons that are preventing these non-fans of running from actually coming to embrace it as a sport, and the wide gamut of benefits that it brings.

If you are someone who has stopped running for a while but is looking to get back into running because access of gyms is limited during this period, then these are my 10 tips for you to have a more enjoyable run.

1. Pace yourself

Many amateur runners and friends I know feel the need to impress with their running pace. It's almost as if receiving the validation of strangers after you post your runs on social media matters more than your actual run itself.

Keep in mind that your body needs to get used to the new stresses and strains of running again. Avoid the temptation of starting out too fast, only to slow down to a complete stop mid run later on.

Over exertion can often lead to pain and even injuries. So start off at a moderate pace, a good way of judging if you are running too fast would be whether you can easily hold a conversation while running. It should be a pace you are able to maintain for the entire distance.

Always remember to pace yourself.

2. Break Your Run Down into Shorter Distances.

If you are struggling with completing the entire distance at one go, then don't do it. Instead, try breaking your run down into shorter distances, but instead of stopping entirely, try incorporating "active rest" exercises during your breaks, and avoid stopping for too long until your heart rate drops.

3. Set Realistic Goals

Don't expect to complete a marathon if you haven't run for a few years. Don't expect to go under one hour for a 10KM if your previous personal best was 1 hour 30 minutes.

Set smaller incremental goals. This way, it motivates you to push yourself a little further each time you hit your goal, instead of demotivating you every single time because you keep failing to achieve that big goal.

Commit to your running goal, whatever it may be, and turn it into a habit.

The Under Armour Flow Velociti SE: a lighter, grippier and more explosive running shoe.

4. Choose the Right Footwear

Wearing the right running shoes for the right routes is absolutely critical. Running shoes comes in all shapes and forms, but they are designed for different terrains and for different distances. Educate yourself on the different parts of a running shoe, and what are the key things to look out for. This way, not only can you protect your feet better, but it also makes your longer distance runs more bearable. For the purpose of this article, I am featuring the all new UA Flow Velociti SE, Under Armour's latest running shoe and footwear at the time of writing, and I absolutely love it.

Available in all Under Armour Brand Houses and online at

5. Use Music to Keep Your Spirits Up

While there are some days that I like to unplug and not even listen to music so that I can be more fully focused on the present, as part of moving meditation, on other days I rely heavily on my favourite music when I go for longer runs.

Choosing a favourite playlist not only keeps your spirit up, but also gets you in the mood for a good workout or run. I tend to choose music that has a nice beat to it when I go for my runs.

I like to wear my UA True Wireless Flash ear buds by JBL as not only are they storm proof and weather proof, but they also fit snugly in my ears so I don't have to worry about them falling out.

The UA Run Anywhere collection allows you to store loose items in the many hidden pockets that come with the shorts.

6. Run Easy and Take Shorter Steps

Similar to how you should learn to pace yourself when you run, many beginners do not have the proper technique in running or jogging, which makes it much harder to make it enjoyable.

A lot of energy is wasted in unnecessary movements, so learning to adopt the right running form is important if you wish to have a more enjoyable run.

Learning to keep a relaxed posture when you run is important and essential if you wish to have good running form. Also, try shorter, easy steps as they are far more effective than long, powerful strides when it comes to distance running.

7. Run light so you can Focus on Form

Instead of carrying too many items while running, it is always a good idea to run light if you can.

Very often I do run with a 360 camera but that is part of my job as a running creator - and when I do have the option of going for my own runs without the need to create content for work - running hands free is the best feeling you can get, and it makes running that much more enjoyable.

To make this possible, find yourself a running belt or apparel with pockets that allow you to keep your phone, keys and other loose items.

I like to wear the UA Run Anywhere shorts for my runs, as the hidden pockets allow me to keep my mask, car keys, loose change and phone!

Run easy and take shorter steps

"A lot of energy is wasted in unnecessary movements, so learning to adopt the right running form is important if you wish to have a more enjoyable run."

8. Limit running mileage, use the 10 percent rule

The 10-percent rule in running basically cites that you should not increase your weekly running mileage by more than 10 percent over the previous week each time.

This is one of the most time-proven principles in the sport of running, and is great advice particularly for those who have a tendency to bit off more than they can chew.

Progressive training is more important than running as much as you can within the shortest time in order to show your improvement.

9. Explore different routes and environments

Similar to cycling, one of the greatest blessings that come with running is the ability to explore new places on foot.

If you are someone who gets bored by routine easily, try mixing up your runs in a way that you do not recycle the same route once too many times.

It is good to have a list of running routes you can explore or refer to, and one such place where you can explore running routes in Singapore is on SportPlus.SG here.

10. Make Time for Recovery

Remember that as much as you love running or working out, your body needs to rest so that it can recover from each running session.

Try waiting a day between workouts or runs, instead of just hopping onto your next run and clocking too many back to back runs if you have just started returning to the sport.

Schedule your training so you run one day and rest the next. Having a simple training plan can help runners who are beginners achieve better training outcomes and also avoid overuse injuries.

If you are interested in getting yourself a pair of UA Flow Velociti SE, you can either shop online at or visit any of the UA Brand Houses from 28 July 2021 onwards!


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