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Exploring Singapore On Foot, One Route At A Time

3 years on, JustMove.Asia 's series of geo-based virtual challenges for runners and active individuals is proving to be a life saver in a time where travel isn't possible.

Completing my first challenge of the 12 challenges I signed up for on JustMove Asia's website.

I have always arrived late. Be it trends and challenges, or just anything fun. This time was no different.

Three years on after launched its series of virtual challenges for runners and active individuals to explore different parts of Singapore, I decided to sign up for it - as a means of forcing myself to explore new parts of Singapore for running.

As a creature of habit I always go back to routes that I am familiar with - and although that list is already a pretty lengthy one, I wanted to step away from the familiar this year.

The virtual challenges present a great opportunity to explore Singapore in a different way than we have done before, given that travel will be restricted for the foreseeable future.

12 Challenges To Be Completed in 5 months

So it worked out perfectly that JustMove Asia extended its participation and submission deadline for its series of challenges to July 2021 - and I decided on a whim yesterday to register myself for 12 of the 13 challenges that were available.

Completing them should be quite do-able, seeing as quite a few of the routes are already regular routes of mine.

But it was the draw of the pretty medals that worked as added incentives for me to take part (yes, I am a hoarder!), and here are the 12 routes I signed up for:

1. Labrador Park 2. Marina Bay

3. Singapore River 4. Bukit Batok Nature Park 5. Bukit Timah Hill Summit 6. Fort Canning 7. Jurong Lake Gardens 8. MacRitchie Reservoir 9. Rail Corridor 10. Singapore Botanic Gardens 11. Southern Ridges 12. Upper Seletar Reservoir

A look at one of the 13 pretty medals available, this one from the Fort Canning Challenge.

Of particular interest to me are the Rail Corridor, Upper Seletar Reservoir and Jurong Lake Gardens, all of which I have never run in before. I also did not register myself for the Tampines Eco Garden as I liked an even number.

For those who are interested in having a go, you do not need to run as hiking and walking are also allowed for the challenges, and the minimum distance required is just 2.5km for each of the routes - and you have the flexibility of running any route you wish at each of the landmarks so long as key checkpoints are hit.

Finisher entitlements include a medal that will be mailed to your home upon completion, as well as a certificate and sponsors vouchers (subject to availability).

If you are interested in taking part in this series of Virtual Challenges and explore Singapore in the process, you can do so here .


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