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SG Sports Weekly: New Singapore Sports Show

Weekly Sports Magazine TV Show 'SG Sports Weekly' will air from Mon, 26 April 2021 on Singtel TV, Team Singapore and 1 Play Sports

The hosts of Singapore sports shows: SG Sports Weekly, Spotlight on Team Singapore and Faces of Singapore Sports. (from L-R: Rathi Menon, Charis Chua, Farrah Nair, John Yeong)

I am happy to share that we'll be launching a new weekly sports show from next Monday, 26 April 2021, with its content made available in both linear format via cable TV, and its surround content also made available across the various social media platforms.

The 60-minute show will be aired in full on Singtel TV on Monday evenings prime time from 7pm - 8pm, and on new platform Playmersiv, a joint project with Sport Singapore.

Ziyi Kuek, model and former national skater, showcasing rollerblading and freestyle skating as one of the popular alternative sports in Singapore.

Beyond the TV show, we are also enhancing our non-linear content offerings: such as exclusive VOD content on 1 Play Sports YouTube surrounding SG Sports Weekly, which includes a new Women in Sport Conquer series led by our social media team, and other useful content nuggets such as Sports and Fitness Hacks to benefit the sporting community.

We are also partnering social media giants and short form video app TikTok on several fronts, starting with the creation of weekly Sports & Fitness Educational content that will go up on 1 Play Sports TikTok, as part of our continued efforts to drive engagement with the youth audience, and bridging communities with quality content.

Paul Martin, a prominent runner from one of the Singapore running communities.

Sports News Coverage

"While news coverage via our magazine show is free, I would strongly encourage event organisers who wish to deliver a better overall event experience to take advantage of 1 Play Sports' paid digital solutions, which include but are not limited to event livestreaming."

Every good content marketer understands the need for a robust content distribution strategy beyond your owned platforms, and here at 1 Play Sports it is no different, as we look to continue growing our content partnerships in the coming year.

Singapore sprinter Shanti Pereira in an exclusive interview on Spotlight on Team Singapore, where she shows her hidden talent in fashion and hairstyles.

SG Sports Weekly TV Show

While we are in further discussions on wider content distribution for our new content offerings, we are delighted to renew our working relationships with valued existing partners Singtel, Team Singapore, Singapore Sports Hub and TikTok.

Jump rope specialist and fitness instructor Cheryl Loh, one of many experts in our new sports and fitness educational content offerings available on TikTok.

SG Sports Weekly comprises four main segments:


While sports events are yet to return in full force, we are seeing the resumption of some events this year, including mass participation events, and regular mainstays such as the Singapore Premier League.

Our Sports News and Events segment was created with the aim of helping sports event organisers with their publicity efforts, helping them to regain their footing during this difficult rebuilding phase post Covid-19, and driving talkability in more niche sporting communities, to add on to whatever the mainstream media has to offer.

We kick off every episode of SG Sports Weekly with the latest updates and news from the Singapore sports events scene.

While news coverage via our magazine show is free, I would strongly encourage event organisers who wish to deliver a better overall event experience to take advantage of 1 Play Sports' digital solution offerings, which include but are not limited to event livestreaming.

You can find out more by getting in touch with our team here.


Back for a third season, our second show segment Spotlight on Team Singapore casts the limelight on our national athletes, and is built around this year's "ONE DAY" campaign by Sport Singapore, ahead of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics; as well as the Hanoi SEA Games and ASEAN Para Games.

Olympic Games bound table tennis athlete Clarence Chew poses for the cameras. Stay tuned for the table tennis episode on Spotlight on Team Singapore!

The show features exclusive interviews and never-seen-before moments with our athletes, including the return of creative games and trivia to help Singaporeans get to know our athletes better outside of the sporting arena.

This show segment will also be made available on Team Singapore Facebook weekly on Wednesday evenings.


While some have said it's in the style of "Humans of New York", Faces of Singapore Sports is really a first of its kind feature that takes a peek inside the local sports and fitness scene outside of high performance athletes.

Fancy footwork and slick moves from Fariq the "jump rope ninja", one of many citizen athletes passionate about sports and fitness.

From alternative sports athletes hailing from jump rope, freestyle skating and freestyle football, to fitness instructors and studios, interesting yoga personalities and genres, to running communities, coaches, and media professionals working in Singapore sports, this is a weekly show segment that is not to be missed!

Dawn Sim, Yoga and fitness entrepreneur, demonstrating aerial yoga - an episode which will be released in the month of June 2021, our yoga month in conjunction with International Yoga Day.


While search driven content has not lost its appeal or draw on YouTube and Google, we are going a step further by offering our sports and fitness hacks tutorials on 1 Play Sports TikTok, to complement the longer segments that can be found on cable TV.

EXPY's Valerie Su, a local female football freestyler, shares tips and tricks on how to execute freestyle football moves in our Sports and Fitness Hacks segment.

We are delighted to work with our partners TikTok to grow this vertical for Singapore Sports and Fitness education, and to continue to inspire the youth to take up an active and healthy lifestyle.

Singapore running community local running group Volt Runners ahead of their weekly run outside Vivo City. They will be one of a number of running communities featured in the month of July, our Running Month.

I hope to be able to share more exciting updates with you soon in the coming months, so do check back on a regular basis for more sports news and updates!

If you are interested to get your sports event, running or fitness community featured, drop me a message on my Instagram DM (@thejohnyeong) or email me: !


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