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Run Anywhere with Under Armour

The latest from Under Armour's Run Anywhere collection promises greater comfort, and features UA Storm Technology - perfect for rainy seasons in Singapore.

As a tribute to Global Running Day last year, Under Armour released its Run Anywhere series, a running collection which has the word “RUN” prominently printed across its apparel: from tank tops, crop tops and shorts for ladies; to t-shirts, vests and shorts for men.

Highlight video from my test run in Under Armour's newly released UA Run Anywhere Anorak Jacket.

The highlight from the latest release from UA's Run Anywhere collection feature the Run Anywhere Anorak Jacket and Run Anywhere 2-in-1 long shorts with adjustable belt and speed pocket for storing your phone without any bounce when you go on those long runs.

Personally, I find myself carrying a lot of loose items when I head out for my runs, and I've always had problems finding running belts or pockets big enough to keep my phone, car keys or house keys - particularly when I run somewhere a little farther from home or the office - so this presents an almost perfect solution to my problem!

The UA Run Anywhere 2-in-1 long shorts in its new colour range.

The UA Run Anywhere Jacket is very thin in material, and I did wonder at the beginning if it was even practical to be wearing it for my runs particularly in the tropical humidity of a country like Singapore.

Fast drying, lightweight - good for wearing in rainy weather but not sunny days

While I did perspire on my test runs with it, what surprised me was how fast the jacket dried up - within minutes after I was done with my run - which would not be possible had it been made of any other material.

The fact that it weighed so little also made it not much of a hinderance to my actual running - please do bear in mind I wasn't wearing another running top underneath it.

I still wouldn't recommend for runners to wear it on hot days though, as it would make more sense to either wear a running singlet or short sleeved top, but it's perfect if you run in the rain like I do - particularly as its UA Storm technology repels water without sacrificing breathability.

Finding everything you need, all in one place

"The UA Run Anywhere collection was designed to make it easy for a runner to find everything they need, all in one place."

The collection's greatest selling point without a shadow of a doubt is still its ability to have so many pockets for runners to store their loose items, although I would strongly suggest that runners still try to travel light and not run with so many items - to allow for a more enjoyable run.

If you are interested in this collection by Under Armour, you may visit their online store here or head on down to any of Under Armour's Brand Houses and stores.


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