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Run like the wind in Under Armour's Flow Velociti Wind

Under Armour has unveiled its fastest performance running shoe yet, a shoe featuring FLOW cushioning and WARP technology for dynamic containment

Similar to Under Armour's HOVR series, the UA Flow Velociti Wind also connects seamlessly with UA MapMyRun for personalised coaching based on your pace, cadence, stride length and distance.

I had the opportunity to try on Under Armour's latest performance running shoe this week: the ground-breaking UA Flow Velociti Wind!

I haven't been this excited at receiving a new pair of kicks for a while. And the reason for this owes to my stumbling upon an article on Gear Junkie by accident a couple of weeks ago. The article caught my attention as the title read: "Under Armour Flow Velociti Wind: No outsole needed".

The article also revealed that the global launch of this latest shoe featuring game changing technology was imminent, which made the subsequent 2 weeks almost unbearable for me.

Much thanks to Under Armour Singapore's marketing team as always, I'm finally wearing a pair and able to share my thoughts with you here in this blog having taken it out for two test runs.

The UA Flow Velociti Wind is Under Armour's fastest performance running shoe to date.

First Thoughts

One of the more common complaints I've heard among some runners in the running community previously about Under Armour's HOVR series is that while the shoes are comfortable, they carry more weight than other running shoes in the market.

While I personally haven't found the aforementioned added weight to be an issue, which I've come to understand from UA is to provide better cushioning and support, the UA Flow Velociti Wind bucks that trend, coming in as Under Armour's lightest shoe in the market to date.

Not only is it significantly lighter, but it also features a much more dynamic upper, with its WARP technology construction that provides zonal structure and support.

Taking my new UA Flow Velociti Wind running shoes out for a test run in the city.

Built for City and Road Running, not Trail Runs

For runners who aren't familiar with the different types of running shoes, these shoes are built for city and road running but not for trail runs, which would require stiffer and more firm support to reduce the chances of you spraining your ankle on uneven ground, and also usually reinforced toe caps to prevent your toes from getting bruised from striking them against rocky terrain.

For trail runs in Singapore, I would still recommend you to either get a proper pair of trail running shoes, or some shoes from the UA HOVR range can also do the trick: UA HOVR Machina, or the UA HOVR Infinite.

I have been wearing mainly the UA HOVR Machina for my trail runs so far, but hope to switch it up soon! I will definitely share more when I do.

Colourways of the UA Flow Velociti Wind from the men's range currently available in Singapore.

Without an Outsole, is it Slippery?

A normal question to ask would be, "without an outsole, wouldn't that make the shoe slippery to run in?"

My experience so far wearing the UA Flow Velociti Wind is that the shoes respond very well to quick changes in direction, without sacrificing on grip and traction.

Under Armour did explain that its UA FLOW cushioning provides a responsive, grippy, and supportive singular-foam compound that eliminates the rubber outsole, enabling a high traction shoe that delivers exceptional cushioning and durability.

Dynamic Containment

"The WARP upper construction provides zonal structure and support while also reducing weight and excess layers"

I even went as far as trying a different foot strike angle from my usual, and was pleasantly surprised that the shoe kept its shape and does flex when it needs to, compared to some of its stiffer UA counterparts, which may have been concerns for some road runners.

Data Driven Coaching

Similar to its UA HOVR range, UA Flow Velociti Wind comes with data driven coaching and can be connected to UA MapMyRun, thanks to a sensor embedded in its midsole, that tracks, analyzes and stores detailed running metrics to inform the runner on ways to improve his or her running performance.

If you are interested in getting yourself a pair of UA Flow Velociti Wind, you can either shop online at or visit Vivo City, Orchard Central, and Bugis Junction UA stores around Singapore. The shoes drop in stores today (3rd March 2021)!


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