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Yoga and Wellness back at Singapore's sporting playground

6 months after Singapore's circuit breaker, sports and fitness is finally back.

Photo credit: Singapore Sports Hub

Singapore Sports Hub wasted little time in welcoming the local sporting and fitness community back into its playground, with a fun-filled family themed 'Yoga Vibes and Wellness Day' over the weekend.

Looking to draw the community with a myriad of activities – from outdoors to indoors, suitable for family and friends, the Singapore Sports Hub also placed additional safety measures in lieu of the advisories from the governing body of Singapore sports - Sport Singapore.

Photo credit: Singapore Sports Hub

As a regular friend of the Singapore Sports Hub, I was happy to be invited to experience a physical Yoga in the new norm. The last yoga class I had attended prior to this was in March 2020, for a media event when Roxanne Gan launched her own yoga studio, Zoi Yoga.

It was a tough choice to choose between the sessions led by Dawn Sim, Denise Keller and Sara Wee, but in the end friendship played the biggest part and I opted for Dawn's class on the Saturday afternoon.

Photo credit: Singapore Sports Hub


As always, I am not the most flexible of people around, so it was good that I was allowed to drag along a plus one - Ong Wei Yu. She may be a Team Singapore Beach Volleyball athlete, but her flexibility leaves much to be desired, keeping me in good company.

Good attendance an indicator of interest in Wellness

Friendship played the biggest part as I opted for Dawn's yoga class on the Saturday afternoon.

If there was ever a worry that Singaporeans would lose interest in attending physical fitness and wellness classes with the onset of virtual classes over Circuit Breaker, this event quickly debunked it - with all sessions fully booked and over subscribed.

Photo credit: Singapore Sports Hub⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

I was just happy to be a part of it and enjoy a nice Saturday afternoon stretching it out at OCBC Square after spending the morning at Grit Yard for a HIIT session.

Other Yoga and Pilates options available


There are of course plenty of other Yoga and Pilates studios across Singapore that have since re-opened their doors to public at the start of phase 2, and as I know many of the local practitioners I shall not recommend one over the other. But I do hope that as part of my journey of improving my mobility and gaining back some of my range of motion following many football injuries over the years, I will be able to showcase some of these studios here in this blog or on my socials, so do stay tuned!

Photo credit: Singapore Sports Hub


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