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Farewell and thank you, SportSG

Hosting a Facebook LIVE at GetActive! Singapore 2019, in celebration of National Day.

NEW CHAPTER. Today I bid farewell to Sport Singapore, a second home for me the past 8.5 years. I bring with me many fond memories, and I am grateful for the opportunities and the trust placed in me.

There has been no greater joy than to be given a blank canvas - on which I was urged to fully express my creative freedom.

It hasn’t been easy for me to reach this decision, but everything points to it being the right one at the right time, and I’m at peace with it.

Key Highlights

Too many beautiful memories and people to do justice of listing just a few: from covering several overseas SEA Games, to organising our first SEA Games in 22 years on home soil;

From 5 years of GetActive! , to leading a first in public service KOL brand ambassadors community, of which I still remain a part of now; and more recently setting up a broadcast network to keep key industry players afloat while educating and entertaining Singaporeans during the 2020 Covid-19 crisis.

The things we have achieved would not have been possible without the help of many volunteers, sister agencies and corporate partners outside of SportSG, and my team members too, who have been of massive help to me personally.

Thank you for being patient in areas of my inexperience, and helping us realise this dream as we met impossible deadlines. I cannot thank you enough.

Local Community Support

I also wish to thank the many local athletes, coaches, running communities, and fitness, yoga and pilates instructors who helped me bring this vision of inspiring the community through fun, creative storytelling and compelling sports content to life.

For sparing me your precious time and moments, sharing your wonderful ideas, and being a part of our collective creative work.

I will still see many of you in my new capacity, and I’m excited by the many possibilities that lie ahead, even as we navigate these difficult times and rebuild Singapore sport together.

To the students and social interest groups, NSAs, friends from ActiveSG, event organisers and fellow members of the sports media, who bore the brunt of my terrible jokes and kept me sane; thank you for etching many unforgettable moments into my memory, in a chapter I will always cherish.

I hold you folks very close to my heart and regard many of you as family.

There remain knowledge and skill gaps in my road ahead, but I am hopeful I will meet more mentors along the way, and I pray I’ll always stay curious and teachable; so that I can keep being a valuable contributor to Singapore sports and fitness for years to come.

Here’s to making many more new friends along this journey.


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